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CAS Week - Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS), is a school curriculum enrichment programme encompassing a set of challenging activities focusing on sports, therapeutics, leisure and personal development.

CAS Week activities are an excellent opportunity to promote students’ intellectual and social skills through privileged learning in an equestrian context. The students will be involved in approximately three to four hours of CAS per day during one week, participating in variety of meaningful CAS activities around the 3 themes: horse lifestyle, horseback riding and equine assisted therapy.


Why have a CAS Week?

At Equestrian Camp, we recognize the pressure that students are under to complete all that is required of them in the rigorous International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. We create the opportunity to try something new and challenging in a concentrated time period.


CAS stands for:

  • C = CREATIVITY: learning new skills, creating projects and activities
  • A = ACTIVITY: physical activity, breaking a sweat (not just because it’s hot!)
  • S = SERVICE: doing something for others that they cannot do for themselves, cannot access or cannot afford




CAS must…

  • be challenging
  • be meaningful
  • involve personal goal-setting and reflection
  • not be repetitive, passive or simple


Learning Areas


General Objectives

  • Horse Lifestyle: stimulate the sense of responsibility and commitment to the animal, and develop the practical knowledge of knowing how to care, prepare and maintain a horse. Recognize the different purposes of the horse's different areas of usage (education, leisure, therapy, tourism and sport), increasing the equestrian culture in general.
  • Horseback Riding: riding lessons as a learning challenge and as a lifetime experience from beginners to advanced riders.
  • Equine Assisted Therapy: participate in therapy sessions in order to raise social awareness and provide the students with skills, objectives and tasks aiming towards a better understanding of disadvantaged groups and community service.



CAS Week General Information:

  • Creativity, Activity and Service are an integral part of the Educational Programme and of life at school.
  • Please note that every effort is made to offer a variety of meaningful CAS activities around the 3 themes, and issues relating to safety and costs are taken into consideration.
  • This promises to be an enriching experience for the students and we look forward to seeing them challenge themselves in a variety of settings.
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