Riding Ability

Riders at all levels are welcome to the Camp, including those who have never ridden on horseback before.


LEVEL 1, BEGINNER: No experience, only the desire to learn and the promise to enjoy!


LEVEL 2, NOVICE: You will have had some lessons and will be competent at walk, trot and canter inside an arena. You will also have had some hacking out experience.


LEVEL 3, INTERMEDIATE: You might own, or have owned your own horse, and maybe done some local competitions. You will be capable of riding your horse in the company of other horses. You will have the ability to ride confidently in walk, trot, canter and jump small obstacles.


LEVEL 4, EXPERIENCE INTERMEDIATE: You will probably have your own horse or are riding several times a week. You will have competed or hunted. You have experience and can control a horse confidently at all paces.


LEVEL 5-7, EXPERIENCED: You will have had many years working with horses, riding on a daily basis or competing at National or International level. If you selected Experienced, you have to select in which discipline you choose the Riding Clinics: Show Jumping or Dressage.


CERTIFICATION: The certification is optional

All levels of riding from 1 to 7, are based on the sequence of skills according to the training scheme of the Portuguese Equestrian Federation and also the International Group for Equestrian Qualifications (IGEQ). Each rider will take an exam at the end of the course to obtain the respective grade.


Read More about the Certification Methods and Riding Objectives

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